1999-12-22 - The Apple

Luke 18:17 (NCV) I tell you the truth, you must accept the kingdom of God as if you were a child, or you will never enter it.

Bill Keene writes the comic strip "Family Circus." Now and then "Billy," the fictional son, draws and writes the comic strip. So I thought it would be neat for my own son Bobby to write today's devotional, to give Dad a break. Below is his unedited two-part devotional. He learned the first part in school, and the second part is a short interview I had with him. Thanks, Bobby!

What Bobby Learned in school:

The Apple as the Trinity The Trinity is like an apple. The skin is like God 'cause God surrounds us and protects us. The inside of the apple is Jesus feeding us. He feeds our spirit. The seeds deep inside the apple are like the Holy Spirit living inside of us. The seeds give new life.

The Talk:

Dad: What is Christmas?

Bobby: Christmas is the birthday of the baby Jesus. Jesus was born so that when we believe in Him, we can live together in Heaven forever. And Dad, Easter is when Jesus died and came back to life on the third day.

Dad: Why did that happen, son?

Bobby: Jesus died for our sins and came back to life again, to show people that He really is God. See, Dad, Jesus was a part of God -- like the apple. Jesus came to live with us to show us how God wants us to be, and to pay for our sins.

Dad: I think you have got it, son.

Lord, help us to continue to have a childlike faith. A faith that always trusts You, because YOU are always faithful to us. Help us to slow down and remember that you sent Jesus to live among us, to teach us and to die in our place, so that we may live forever. In His name, Amen.

David Massey