[Calvary Chapel] 1999-12-18 - There Is A Shadow On The World

For lack of time this week we thought we would share a poem. Prayerfully may it minister to you in these dark days of history.

There's a shadow on the world and it darkens
Though men persuade themselves it's just a mist
That will lift itself, and give way to the sunshine
There's no real danger in it they insist.

There's a shadow on the world and it deepens;
The hearts of men begin to fail for fear;
Beneath apparent confidence and boasting
Perplexity is growing year by year.

There's a shadow on the world, and it's rulers
See lawlessness and tumult rife,
And prove that all their deeply thought out measures
are powerless to quell the rising strife.

There's a shadow on the world-Christ rejected
How can the creature man see aught aright
In the darkness which must always be before him,
When he has turned his back upon the light?

There's a shadow on the world; and it betokens
The long-suffering of God is well nigh o'er
And the blest atoning work of Christ the Saviour
Shall be held out to sinful men no more.

There's a shadow on the world; the proud empires
Which oe'r the world now boastingly hold sway
Shall soon be swept aside by God's great powers,
And the Lord alone exalted in that day.

There's a shadow on the world and it tells me
That the Christ of God will soon appear again,
And the government shall be upon His shoulder
And righteousness shall be the symbol of His reign.

There's a shadow on the world, but it cannot
Bring a shadow on the peace God gave to me
When I saw that my account with Him was settled
By the death of Christ-His Son-on Calvary.

Through the shadow on the world comes sunshine
To my heart, which is resting on His Word;
For ere the shadows deepen into darkness,
I shall be in the presence of my Lord.

Author Unknown

Rick & Sandy