[Westminster Theological Seminary] 1999-11-02 - Port's Faithful Shepherd, Chapter 9

Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

"Get a public spirit to mind things of Jesus Christ, as rationally as if they were your own things, Philippians 2:20, 21. Look on the things of others and prefer the saints welfare before your chiefest joy, Psalm 137:5, 6, and the Gospels liberty before your own, as Paul did Acts 21:13. To mourn for the sins of the times, as the godly saints did in Ezekiel 9:4, especially lay to heart …

  1. The churches misery, when God's ordinances are not followed and heresy and superstition become greater, when any thing falls out which gives a blow to true religion, or proves and impediment to the gospel. If the Ark be taken, call your comforts Icabods (no glory), 1 Samuel 4:21.
  2. The afflictions of Joseph, Amos 6:6, the sufferings of God's servants whether magistrates, ministers, or people. O sympathize with them, Hebrews 13:3, Nehemiah 1:4. Labor to feel their troubles and sorrows at your very hearts, and pray earnestly for them as the church did for Peter, Acts 12:5.

Now O Christian! The Holy Ghost is a public spirit breathing and acting in all the members of the body mystical, pray for it, Luke 11:13, believe for it, Galatians 3:14." Robert Port

Soli Deo Gloria,


God's Faithful Shepherd by Port is at the printers. If you wou ld like a copy of this work printed with another of his works titled A Holy Alphabet , send an email to brutefact@hotmail.com and get information about how to obtain a copy.