[Calvary Chapel] 1999-06-19 - Outreach to Ocean City, Maryland

I have decided to break from my usual and discuss the missions trip we went on with my church last week.

Outreach to Ocean City, Maryland

I was privileged and grateful to be a part of a week long missions trip, for Seniors week in Ocean City, Maryland. Last year my church was blessed to have been given a permit to have two days to share the Gospel at Ocean City Maryland. This year we were given four days to share. A lot went into this trip including mega-doses of sincere prayer to see the lost won for Christ. And yes the lost were won for Jesus -- 51 personaly bowed their heads with us and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Many more heard the live music that Glorified Jesus and watched the short plays and/or heard short messages done directly on the beach in front of the boardwalk. We passed out hundreds of gospel tracts and talked with hundreds of kids - perhaps thousands. By far we do not know and probably will not know how much of an impact was made until the Lord returns.

For me this missions week was one of great reliance on the Lord to direct me by His Holy Spirit. It was an honor to help set up and tear down a stage, park cars, pray with my brothers and sisters, read the Word, have devotions together and share in the humility and encouragement of this well prayed over mission. It was truly an honor to lead several folks in prayer to give their life to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. It was an awesome thing to see God at work in His people. Through the course of the week we encountered two people who gave their lives to Jesus and hung out with us all week. These two folks we brought back with us to our fellowship. They both stood and gave their testimony to our congregation last Sunday evening.

It was truly neat because we really did not plan instead we prayed. In the course of your summer perhaps you will be a part of a missions trip and if not I am sure you do not have to look too far to find one. What I challenge you with is to pray for the workers in the harvest fields this summer -they are few and the harvest is ripe. Pray that the Lord would speak and lead the workers by His Holy Spirit and that by the same Holy Spirit He would speak to and draw those to divine appointments with the people you are praying for. Keep looking up!

In His Service,