[Papercut Press Publishing] 1999-06-01 - P3: God's Providence

The Holy Alphabet Series

Psalm 75:6,7 For not from the east, and not from the west, and not from the desert exaltation; but it is God who Judges; He puts down, and lifts up another.

"Gods providence is his most holy, wise and powerful persevering and governing of all his creatures, and all their actions, Psalm 147:17, Psalm 104:24, Isaiah 28:29, Hebrews 1:3, Psalm 103:19, Matthew 10:29-31." - Robert Port

Often the Bible is the best illustrator of the truth it contains. This is very true when we speak of the providence of God. Scripture is filled with examples of how God cared for and looked after His people whom He loves.

One example is the remarkable providence of God in preserving Moses through the most desperate and difficult circumstances. (Exodus 2:1-25) Think how much Moses' mother loved him to risk her life in order to keep him from being put to death when he was born. She hid him for three months, and it was only when she could do so no longer that put him in the basket and placed him in the Nile.

The love of Moses' mother was great, but not greater than God's love for Moses. How much greater was the compassion and love of God than that of a mothers? How much greater was the providence of God, than the best providence that a loving mother could provide? It was infinitely greater.

When Moses lay exposed in a basket, among the reeds of the Nile, he never had stronger protection around him. Nothing could have touched him even in his precarious state. God was his protector. He rested there under the providence of God.

We know how the story turns out. Moses grew up and became a great servant of God. The story of Moses should speak to us today. It is a reminder to us that no matter what our circumstances appear to be like, no matter how desperate a situation we might find ourselves in, all falls under the gentle and loving providence of God.

Who knows how this or that situation might be used in our lives or in the lives of others to advance the cause and glory of God. Who knows? But it requires trust on our part. We must trust God--that His providences are best and that they are loving, even during those times when we doubt.

Certainly Moses' mother did not think that the best possible place for her son to be, when three months old, was in a basket floating in the Nile. But that is exactly where God wanted the child. So we also must learn to trust God and rely upon His plans and His providences. May God grant us grace that we may grow in this area.

"God is to be trusted when his providences seem to run contrary to His promises. God promised David to give him the crown, to make him king; but providence turns contrary to His promise; David was pursued by Saul, was in danger of his life; but all this while it was David's duty to trust God...Trust God when providences seem to run quite contrary to promises." Thomas Watson

Soli Deo Gloria,


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