[Papercut Press Publishing] 1999-03-16 - F1: Faith in Jesus Christ

The Holy Alphabet Series

Romans 10:9,10 "If you confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved..."

"Faith in Jesus Christ, is a saving Grace, whereby we rejoice and rest upon him alone for salvation, as he is offered unto us in the Gospel, Heb. 10:39, Job 1:12, Isa. 26:3,4, Phil. 3:9, Gal. 2:16." - Robert Port

A weak trembling hand that brings food to the mouth feeds the body as much as a strong mighty hand doing the same. It is not the hand that feeds, it is the food. So it is with our faith. It is not the strength of our faith that saves. It is not the amount of faith that saves. It is the blood of Christ that saves. The least amount of faith, if it is placed in the blood of Christ, saves absolutely. The greatest amount of faith, if it is placed anywhere other than in the shed blood of Christ, saves none.

Everyone is born with faith. It would be impossible to live with out faith. When you turned on your computer you believed it was not about to crash with a virus and that is faith, or what we commonly call trust. When you sit in a chair, you believe, as you begin to descend into your chair, that it will hold you up. That is faith. It is impossible to live without faith.

Saving faith is a little different. Saving faith is that Spirit given understanding, that we are sinners in need of a saviour. There is no decree more certain than the one given in Scripture, "He who believes will be saved, and he who believes not will be damned." John 3:17,18. It is not the amount of faith we have, it is the object of our faith that matters.

Robert Port says two things in his short statement on faith that should encourage us. Our faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace where we rejoice and rest. How long has it been since you rejoiced that you were Christ's? How long has it been since you rested upon your faith in Christ? These are two great out-flowings of placing our faith in Christ. We may both rejoice and rest.

Thinking just of rejoicing, we have great reasons to rejoice:

  1. Remembering our past and from what we were saved, 1 Peter 2:9
  2. Understanding the mercies we have now in hand from God's eternal care and love, Romans 8:37-39
  3. Lasty, we rejoice in our hopes of our future with God in heaven, Hebrews 3:6

It pleases the heart to consider and ponder all the reasons (past, present and future) that we have for rejoicing because we have become partners in so great a salvation. We should thank God for giving us both grace and faith.

"Weak faith is true faith, as precious, though not so great as strong faith: the same Holy Ghost the author, the same Gospel the instrument....For it is not the strength of our faith that saves, but the truth of our faith, not the weakness of our faith that condemns, but the want (lack) of faith." - John Rogers

Soli Deo Gloria,