[Papercut Press Publishing] 1999-02-15 - Power for Living

Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of God stands forever."

In 1983 a small book was published and given away for free. It was both an evangelistic tool and something that could be used to encourage believers. The book was called Power for Living. The book has gone through a couple of editions and most recently, a few months ago, a new edition was published by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation. You may have seen the advertisements. I recently received a copy after requesting one.

I would like to encourage you to pick this volume up. If nothing else, the price is right (free). I used to have a copy of an older edition, but found it a useful tool to give away to someone who had questions about the Christian faith several years ago. It is a rather handy item to have around to give to someone to take home and peruse.

There are several things I like about the book and I would like to comment on just two. One is that near the beginning of the book there is a section of ten two-page testimonies of well known people who give testimonies professing faith in God and how that helps them live their lives daily. People such as Reggie White (NFL football player), Heather Whitestone McCullum (Miss America 1995), and Andy Pettitte (Pitcher for the New York Yankees) are some who have contributed to this edition.

Secondly, I like the over-all focus of the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation on the Word of God. One thing keeps coming up in the material they send out, and that is the centrality of God's Holy Word. Quite frankly, that is rare today. Today things must be new, cutting edge, and flashy to grab attention. The Power for Living materials do not fall into this trap. The blue book comes with a small copy of the gospel of John, a letter of introduction, and a small tract written by Arthur S. DeMoss. There is no solicitation for money of any kind.

If you could read between the lines of the devotionals I send out you would be hearing a couple of things (I hope).

  1. Rest (Faith) in Christ, put all your trust in Him and not in yourself.
  2. Study God's Word and live accordingly.
  3. Start over again at #1, Rest in Christ.

Practically it goes like this: Faith in Christ is the beginning point and the central point of every Christian life, as we study God's Word we see that we fall short of the principles of our faith, so again we rest in Christ further and resolve anew (again) to live for Him.

I think the little Power for Living book might encourage you to these ends and if not you, well, you might know someone who might benefit from it (If not today, maybe in three months).

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"I've found that the greatest excitement in this life comes from sharing my faith with others and seeing them find the Saviour." Arthur S. DeMoss

Soli Deo Gloria,