[Calvary Chapel] 1998-12-26 - Positive Proof of the Existence of God

Originally Published 1997-06-21

Job 11: 7 Canst thou by searching find out God? Canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?

Everything has had a beginning. Material substance or phenomenon is the result of a sufficient cause to produce it. The heavens and earth as we see them today obviously had a beginning and owe their existence to a cause that was sufficient to produce them. The material universe is mind-blowing to us to view. The cause that produced the material universe must be greater than the universe itself. This is an argument that proves there must have been a cause great enough to produce the universe and phenomena we see today.

We see order - arrangement - and proper distribution of things in the cosmic order. There must be an Intelligence Who possesses the will and proper power to produce and to control these things, otherwise there would be nothing but chaos and destruction in the cosmic order. Some accept this order as God; others claim that these things happened and are maintained by chance. Mathematicians say the odds against this are extremely great - so great in fact that we can not write a figure large enough to express them. SO it would seem logical that the "causative power" has also become now in our study an intelligent and voluntary power. Most higher forms of life have degrees of intelligence. In our study let us divide all living things into two sections - those below the human plane, and man who alone lives on a high level of communion with the Almighty. Man has intelligence, sensibility, will and a conscience. He is capable of great achievements. His intellectual and moral nature must have had as its author a moral and intellectual Being. Belief in this being brings out the noblest and best in man. If such a Being does not exist, then a false conception works in man - truth can not. By this argument we are brought to a conclusion that a personal God does exist.

Even though these three lines of reasoning we just examined confirm and establish mans intuitive knowledge of God and His existence, God in His wisdom has left chasms to bridge. It is by faith alone that man must cross these chasms. In the next installments of this devotional we will examine the Bible's revelation of God to man. We will look at His revelation to Israel - His revelation to Moses and the prophets, and also through Jesus of Nazareth's testimony in the New Testament.

In His Service,