[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-11-24 - How to Promote Contentment

Hebrews 13:5 … be content with such things as you have.

2. In God's wisdom and will He does not give to all alike

There was a very poor widow who did not have enough bed-clothes to shelter her son from the snow which would blow through the cracks in the wall of their woeful and deplorable shack. She used to cover him with whatever boards she had accumulated to help keep him warm on the very cold nights. One night as she was covering him the boy turned to her, smiled, and said quite contentedly, "Ma, what do poor folks do these cold nights, that haven't any boards to put on their children?"

It's a fact. Some people have more things, comforts, opportunities, gifts, and/or peace than others. To some God gives ten talents and into the hands of others, He places one talent. (Matt. 25) "The Lord makes poor and rich; He brings low and He lifts up." (1 Samuel 2:7)

Our lives are not regulated by chance. It is not a blind fluke or simple happenstance that estates or honors are given to some while little to others. The portion of everyone is set by God. As God has set both hills and valleys, so also God has established that one differs from another in what is given.

The Arizona desert gets less rain than Washington state. But this does not mean that the Arizona desert would be a better place if it got the same amount of rain as Washington. It would be a disaster. More is not always better. So also if someone had someone else's blessings they might run wild and end in ruin. Someone else might become desperate if forced to endure the crosses that many undergo. It is the infinite wisdom of God that allocates to every person their portion.

God knows why there is unequal distribution. We do not. It may seem unfair to us and the reasons why things are carried on as they are in the world are hidden from us.

If we are prone to quarrel with God that He has not made us wiser or richer, or more beautiful, maybe we ought to inquire further, in fact aim lofty, "why didn't He make us an angel?", or better yet, inquire also "why did He not make us a worm, or a crow?"

Our attitude in these things has a great influence on our contentment. We ought to submit to the will, wisdom and pleasure of God in our lives. He made us who we are and He ever looks out after those who have been drawn to His love through Christ the Lord. Shall the clay say to the potter, "What are you doing?" Isaiah 45:9

Soli Deo Gloria,