[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-10-20 - Believing Without Seeing

John 20:29 “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

Faith is kind of like navigating a row boat. In a row boat the rower faces the opposite way he is heading. He rows with his back toward the destination. So it is with our faith in spiritual matters. We do not see or touch forgiveness as we might see or touch an object. Rather, we trust that forgiveness is real and that the God who has shown himself to be loving toward us, is in fact a God of love.

The real test of faith, believing without seeing, is in our actions. It is easy to say that we believe this or that, but it is harder to live like we do. It is sort of like getting on a plane. Saying we believe the plane will get us from point “A” to point “B” is a lot less convincing than actually getting on the plane and taking the trip.

This plane illustration works in another way also. The plane, while sitting on the ground may look flight worthy. But the real test of whether it is flight worth takes place when it is the air. So it is with faith. We all have faith in something. We all put our trust somewhere. The question is if the object we are putting our trust in is worthy of our trust.

There is one object that I am sure is worthy of our trust. It takes believing without seeing, but Christ shows Himself true to those who follow Him. A lot of people fall into the trap of placing their trust in lesser things. To trust in our possessions is easy, because we can see them. They are right there before our eyes. But to trust Christ takes faith and faith in Christ requires believing without seeing.

If you struggle with believing without seeing there are some tangible helps that God has graciously given to us to aid us in our faith. The Bible is a great help to us. Prayer, hearing God’s Word preached, enjoying the fellowship of other believers are all great advantages to us. These make believing without seeing easier. They have been given to us by God for our benefit and He is wise in all He does.

“Faith rises or falls according to the measure in which we remember the things which are unseen.” Maurice Roberts

“We learn to trust by trusting.” Ronald Dunn

Soli Deo Gloria,