[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-09-29 - Momento

A Memento to be affixed by the Door, and to be read, before we go abroad about our secular imployments. By William Geddes, last printed by David Lindsay, Anno Dom. 1683.

Remember, Man, before thou pass the Door,
 That GOD hath granted thee another day.
He gave thee Health & Peace the night before,
 Or, Hellish Fiends had cach't thy Soul away.
More time thou hast, thy talent to improve;
 Ev'n for His glory who thy Maker is;
Let Him then be the Object of thy Love;
 And let not transient trifles after this.

Thou'rt stepping out into a world of sin,
 Where Satan slie is still preparing snares;
O then beware of His deceitful grin;
 Lest He by flight Surprise thee unawars.
No State, no Calling, Sexe or Age is free:
 No time, no Place, but Satan Seeks to stain.
And, ah, alace, too prevalent is He;
 Watch, watch & pray, that pure thou mayst remain.

Let thy God's Glory, be thy chiefest aime;
 His Holy Law the rule of all thy way:
His Saints thy fellows, then I may proclaime,
 Thou shalt have peace and success all the day.
But if thou do thy gracious God forget,
 And with Loose reins thou let thy fancy range,
Then wonder not, if God thy Labours lett:
 Thou meets a cross, it is not very strange.

In thy converse with men, see thou be just;
 Give thou offense to none by force or fraud.
Lose not thy God for Gold, which is but dust;
 Or CHRIST in Judgement will not thee applaud.
Spend all this day, as if thou hadst no more.
 Be ready alwayes, when the Lord shall call:
Thou shalt be heir of everlasting glory,
 With joy and peace where CHRIST is all in all.

Soli Deo Gloria,