[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-09-15 - Steak Your Life On It

Ephesians 4:15 … we are to grow up in all into Him, who is the head, Christ.

When I was a student at Arizona State University there was a restaurant, in the area, that had a running arrangement with its patrons. If you ordered steak, they would cook you one so large that you would not be able to finish it. If you finished it, the steak was on the house.

Now I bet a lot of folks went into this restaurant thinking they would be getting a free meal, but I bet not many of them did. Even if you are a steak lover and you have been deprived of it for quite some time, there is only so much steak you can eat and enjoy it. The first few bits might be sweet, but with each successive bite, the fuller you get, the less appealing the steak becomes. I am sure the restaurant owner knew this and I am sure that many who wished to gain the free lunch, went home with full stomachs, but empty wallets.

This is true almost universally. Many of you, I am sure, love chocolate, and that first Snickers bar tastes heavenly, but try eating 12, or 17, at some point the pleasure ends and the desire for one more is abated. Many examples could be produced of this, and there is really only one thing to which this rule does not apply: that is Christ.

The more you have of Christ the more you want. The more you drink in the righteousness of Christ, the more you thirst for more. The more you are filled with the love of Christ, the more you will hunger for more. Once the soul has tasted Christ, the desire for more of Christ can never be quenched. And as I wrote in the title, you can steak (stake) your life on it.

"A man that hath tasted of the poison of asps, and the bitterness of the gall and wormwood that is in sin, will be afraid of it, Rom. 6:21. So a man that hath tasted of the sweetness of communion with God in Christ, he is quickened and carried on with life, courage, and constancy." Thomas Manton

"They who do not thirst for righteousness shall be in perpetual hunger and thirst." Thomas Watson

Soli Deo Gloria,