[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-08-18 - A Better Conduct

Ephesians 1:4...we should be holy and blameless before him.

The story is told of a young man who was fond of making fun of the Christian faith by pointing out the wicked practices and suspect characters of individual Christians.

A wise man approached this young man and asked the following, 'My friend, have you ever seen any one astonished at the bad conduct of those who are not Christians?" The young man replied, "No." The wise man continued, "Well, don't you see that you pay the highest possible compliment to Christianity? You expect from those who profess to be Christian a better conduct than from those who profess your own opinions. If Christians ought to be holy, is not that proof, by your own criticisms, that the religion they embrace is also holy? What say you to that?" Without making any reply the young man walked away.

Christian conduct is to be set at a higher standard. This standard is holiness and the amazing thing about our Christian behavior is that people are watching us. Everyday, our behavior, our reactions to circumstances, our tone, our attitudes are all being sized up. The conclusions people draw are always the same, "So that's how a Christian responds, acts, behaves, etc."

As representatives of the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ we have a tremendous responsibility. However, there is more, we also have a great opportunity and privilege. How wonderful it is that people are watching us. The challenge to live for Christ is ever before us as we interact with those whom God brings into our life.

It is sanctifying for us to be aware that we are being watched. It should change our conduct. It should cause us to seek to live more and more in a Christlike manner. When sanctification gets a grip upon us the only things that are destroyed are the things that would destroy us. What a blessing it is to be watched.

"There is a beauty in holiness as well as a beauty of holiness." George Swinnock

"Thou hast an art above God Himself, if thou canst fetch any true pleasure out of unholiness." William Gurnall

Soli Deo Gloria,