[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-07-27 - Laws of the Bible

Statements From the Christian Pulpit, Part 3

Psalm 119:97 O how I love Thy law! It is my meditation all the day.

"This book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book."

So where was this phrase found? It was found written in the Bible of an evangelist. And while I don't even know who the evangelist is, the statement is sound and something we all know to be true.

I do know that C. S. Lewis says that unless you look deeply into the Bible, loving its laws is like loving the instruments the dentist uses to pull your teeth. And sometimes it seems that way. Rules, stipulations, and oftentimes threats and warnings abound in the Bible. But they are not put there to kill any fun we might be contemplating, but rather they are there for our benefit.

I wish to suggest five reasons to love the Bible and the laws of the Bible.

  1. It is the foundation of genuine knowledge. True wisdom comes from God and knowing His book and what it teaches is wise and makes one wiser.
  2. Knowing the Bible helps hold us on the footpath of righteousness. As the quote we started with says, Scripture will keep us from sin or sin will keep us from Scripture.
  3. When we probe the Bible we are being taught by God. This is a simple point, but one we might forget. To study Scripture is to sit at the feet of the Creator, Saviour, Sustainer, and Ruler of the world.
  4. The Bible is refreshing and pleasant to our "Spiritual" taste buds. (Psalm 19:10) To our soul the Bible is as a finely cooked meal is to our physical taste buds.
  5. To study the Bible instructs us to loathe evil. I could have said there that the Bible helps us to hate evil, but I like the concept of loathing it better. The Bible teaches us to be bothered by evil and to long for it to end both in our lives and in the world. Maranatha.

I hope this summary is helpful and I hope some of you take the phrase from the evangelists Bible and find room for it at the front of yours, I'm thinking about adding it to mine.

On the Bible: Nothing better than what J. C. Ryle said, "Here is rock; all else is sand."

Soli Deo Gloria,