[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-05-18 - Good News: 1

Luke 14:23...compel them to come in...

This verse constrains me to speak of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is for two sorts of people. It is for those who have come to Christ in faith and repentance and it is for those who have yet to come to Christ in faith and repentance. Therefore, the gospel is for everyone who might read these devotionals. I hope to spend today and Tuesday on this part of this verse. If you grant me the time, I hope I can show you how, as a follower of Christ or as a seeker of Christ, these two days, spent on this verse, apply to you.

Here is the program:

Monday: Christian or seeker, you often waver between two opinions
Tuesday: Christian or seeker, you are sadly effected by sin

Monday: There are times in our lives when we are seriously thinking of the things of Christ and other times, often shamefully long periods of time that we do not even think of Christ or our date with eternity.

Christ comes to you lovingly, flee to him. For many years I felt that Christ was a cruel taskmaster, and His cause not worth following. I felt I could have no fun, that my life would be joyless if I came to become a follower of Christ. What a fool I was! What a loving reception I have been given into his kingdom. Rather than condemnation, a robe of righteousness. In coming to Christ, I can truthfully say, a dead man was made alive. Struggles, sure, they abound, but Christ has kissed me, and I have tasted, and the Lord is good.

Seeker, or wise Christian, what have you found? What have you got when you oppose God? Has this brought joy and comfort to your life? You know the answer. We all do. Yet we still, at times, stray from the narrow way. But Christ presents us with a burden that is light and a yoke that is easy. He is ever willing to forgive all who will come to Him.

My greatest fear in writing these devotionals is that the gospel becomes lost in niceness or assumption. To stand with one of you in judgment and hear, "Tim, I read your devotionals, you were not earnest with me about seeking Christ, you did not plead with me, rather you amused me", is a frightening thought. If you find yourself wavering between two opinions, rest in Christ, trust Him fully for salvation from sin, and seek to live anew for Him.

If you are looking for an application today, well I have one. Read 1 Peter, the entire book, over and over again this week. Read it as many times a day as you can fit in. See what God does in your life.

"Whosoever will come, let him take of the waters of life for free." Revelation 21:6

Soli Deo Gloria,