[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-05-04 - How To Live Life

Psalm 46:1, GoD Is oVr refVge, oVr strength; a heLpe In troVbLes verIe aboVnDant VVe fInDe.
(I am using an old text today, this is really what it looked like. Apparently the printer was missing some letters of the alphabet.)

This is a practical application I came across this week while reading a sermon preached on November 27, 1644 and last printed in 1645. The preacher, George Gipps, Rector of Elston in Leicester-shire, is trying to admonish the British House of Commons regarding how they ought to live their lives before God. Some of this old stuff is really good! Here is what he says:

  1. Break off all league with our sins which are so offensive to God. God is less likely to hear the prayers of those who are in rebellion against Him.
  2. Don't look anywhere else but to God for your help. Rely only on Him, fully, trusting Him to use any and all means available to your advantage. God, who works all things, must, to you, be to you all in all. "Of, through, and to whom are all things, to Him be all praise for ever", Romans 11:36.
  3. Remember and celebrate all His former great deliverances for you and His Church. Oh, how David, by songs, pegged up his heart to an exact praising of God in this way.
  4. Let your faith be encouraged from what God has done in the past. Let your faith then look to the future. God is the same without change. If His wisdom see cause, His goodness will do it for you. Here strengthen your faith, comfort your spirit, take courage and endeavor forward. As David says (1 Samuel 17: 34, 35), "God delivered me from the lion, and the Beare, therefore will He also deliver me from this uncircumcised Philistine." So Paul, (2 Corinthians 1:10), "God hath delivered us, doth deliver us, Him in whom we trust, He will deliver us."
  5. Be fervent, and frequent with God by prayer in all your troubles. Season your prayers with tears of repentance for your sins.

Lastly, by faith, prayer, praise, repentance, and obedience, make God your hope, refuge, shelter, not only in, but also out of troubles. In the height of prosperity, look to God in faith. This will make such a duty as trusting in the provision of God, in times of trouble, not look strange to you. When you come to God, know that you have gained His ear and favor, and make free conversation with Him. In prayer keep a good constant diet, and make daily exercise.

Ending as Gipps did … God Almighties Blessing goe herewith,