[Christian Fellowship]1998-04-18 - Flying With the Eagle

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Isaiah 40:31 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. (KJV)

Consider the eagle. Ruler of the skies, our nation's symbol, soaring free above the trees, flying here and there, seemingly effortlessly.

But … what most of us don't see is that there is a struggle first. Before he ever flies freely, before that effortless wing across the skies; the eagle, the mighty eagle has a difficult fight that he must win before he is free to soar.

Sometime during the first year of his life … after he has learned to fly, the eagle has to first overcome an obstacle. For want of the real name (I can't remember it ), I'll call it "crud".

This crud covers his eyes like scales, hard and blinding him. Making him weak. Before he can fly and be free, he has to endure the long process to rid himself of the "crud". He has to scrape his face and head on a rock, ridding himself of the "crud".

He wouldn't make it though, without the help of other, older eagles.

Blinded, he cannot fly to find food. Crippled, he cannot see the predators that would do him harm. That's where the other eagles come in.

Seeing their "brother" down on the ground, fighting his battle to be free, the other eagles offer their help. Feeding him when he's hungry, watching for danger, warming him when he's cold. Lending themselves to his aid until he is freed of the crud that has him blinded and down.

Helping him until he is able to fly free with them, soaring above the clouds, able to help the next eagle who has to rid himself of the "crud". Without the help of his fellow eagles, he would have died; with their help he soars with them.

Now … consider ourselves.

Before we can soar like eagles, we have to rid ourselves of our crud that cripples and blinds us.

So many times, the sins we committed and the sins committed toward us hold us down, crippling and blinding us so that we are unable to soar.

Helpless and unable to make it alone, we need the aid of other, wiser "eagles" to "feed" us with Scripture, teaching us; to fend off the attacks of predators with prayers and words of warning: to warm us with prayers and words of comfort when it seems we cannot go on anymore.

The "Rock" rids us of that crud that keeps us down; our brothers and sisters in Christ are our helpers until we are free to fly with them - able to help those we see down there, battling their battles, needing our help.

Lone eagles don't make it.

Consider the eagle today.

Father God, so many times in my life I have let "crud" of my life hold me down, forgetting that there is help available. So many times I forget that You are not a God of only now, but are in all places at all times. Lord, forgive me and help me. Forgive me for the times that I have neglected to help others; forgive me when I have closed myself off from being an offering unto You. Thank You for showing me why You died. Amen



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