[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-02-16 - All Dogs Go To Heaven

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Sadly, Buddy the Wonder Dog passed away from cancer complications this past week. Buddy was the golden retriever, basketball dog who was featured in the 1997 Hollyweed movie, Air Bud. It was also reported last week that former sex kitten and now animal rights activist, Brigitte Bardot plans to be buried with her dogs in her garden instead of the nearby Saint-Tropez cemetery. An attorney for the dogs had no comment.

Will animals be in heaven? Hopefully this is a question most of us have come to terms with, but what about a four year old whose hamster just died. The question, "Will Mr. Hammy be in heaven?", is not a passing query. It is one of profundity and deep sincerity. How should the response be worded? The solution is as relevant to the adult as it is to the child.

There are some things that we will lack in heaven: Sorrow (Rev. 7:17), Pain (Rev. 21:4), and the Curse (Rev. 22:3). There are also things that will not be missing in heaven, but rather abundantly present: Joy (Luke 15:7, 10), Rest (Rev. 14:13), Peace (Luke 16:25), Righteousness (2 Peter 3:13), Reward (Matt. 5:11, 12), Glory (Rom. 8:17, 18). In heaven, it seems, we will lack nothing that is good. In fact, we are to earnestly desire heaven (2 Cor. 5:2, 8). We are to think of heaven as a much better place (Phil.1:23). We are to place our treasure in heaven (Luke 12:33).

I am done Bible thumping, but I hope the answer to my original question, will Mr. Hammy be in heaven?, is clear. I think we can say to a child, and to ourselves that heaven will be a place of joy and wonder. Nothing in heaven will be missing and God's house is full of every aspect of paradise. "Yes, Mr. Hammy will be in heaven."

"In heaven they are free from want; they can want nothing there unless it be want itself. They may find the want of evil, but never feel the evil of want." Eward Willan

John Buynan was once asked a question about heaven which he could not answer. He advised the inquirer to live a holy life and go see for himself.

Soli Deo Gloria,