[Papercut Press Publishing]  1998-01-19 - Karla Fay Tucker

Hebrews 9:27 And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.

You are about to hear a lot about this woman over the next couple weeks. She is slated to be the first woman executed in the state of Texas since the Civil War, Feb. 3, 1998. She appears to have found faith in Christ. She admits to her crime, but also says, she is now a new person in Christ.

George Bush, Jr., Gov. of Texas, who could commute the death sentence, is between a rock and a hard place. No matter what he decides it will be wrong. I believe allowing her to die would cause him to lose his political future. He could be President. He has never commuted a death sentence.

There are two perspectives on the death penalty:

  • It is a deterrent to crime. I think Pat Robertson (a big supporter of Karla) is right when he speaks of the deterrent factor being swift justice. Karla has been on death row for over 14 years. Where is the deterrent here? Many see the death sentence as justice. This seems legit, also.

  • It does not solve the problem of the crime, it brings no one back. It rehabilitates no one, and may kill an innocent person. Killing is killing no matter who does it. Killing solves nothing. The dead are dead, end of story.

This issue will be spoken of in the news over the next few weeks. It is time to seek the Lord. I offer no solutions in this case. In this case I would say that we should all pray that the will of the Lord would be done. But I would say that it would be wise to pray for the life and peace of this sister in Christ. Each of us is about to spend eternity with her. Anyone of us could be in eternity before her. Pray for her.

"The only real answer to death is life." Derek Prime

"Death is not a spectator sport." Samuel E. Waldron

"Death to a Christian is putting off rages for robes." John Mason

On the subject of prayer, the best work I have ever read on prayer has recently been republished. It is only about 40 pages, by J.C. Ryle, titled A Call to Prayer This start-up company is one I have never heard of, but they have an 800 number, email, and a web site. I know of nothing else they have published, but they could not have started with anything better. I will send any of you the info on them if you would like it, just let me know. Their company name is Aubudon Press.

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