[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-01-12 - Loving Chickens

Hebrews 9:27 And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this judgement.

In Hong Kong, one week ago, millions of chickens were killed due to the "bird" virus. In fact, every chicken in Hong Kong was supposed to be killed. Some locals went "local" and started chanting soothing mantras. Some of these were monks, about 70 of them, and they were "hoping to appease the chickens' collective anger over the massacre." One monk said, "These chickens were humans before." Hello! Who was human before? Chickens? This is not in my world view. When I eat chicken, I am not thinking, "Is this a relative/friend".

The Bible is very clear, there is life after death, as these monks suppose. But this up-coming life is not as a chicken, forest tree, or squid as some might hope. As the above verse says, we die, and then we are judged. Seems simple, seems uncomfortable. It is really a scary thought, that I/(we) am/(are) going to be judged. Ouch, the thought even hurts, (I wish to keep my secret sins, well, secret, so would we all) but it seems that this is what Scripture says, we die, we are judged, end of story.

Because of this the life we are living becomes all the more important. The choices we make, and the manner of our living does matter. No matter what our position in life, mortality is the great equalizer and none of us are coming back as chickens. We will stand before our Creator, a sobering thought.

We all have things we would wish to hide. We must keep 1 John 1:1 10 in mind. Forgiveness is at hand, it is here. To be in Christ means our past is forgiven in Christ. Let us confess our past and live for our future, let us seek to live for Christ and serve Him as our Lord and King. No chickens here.

"There is nothing that tends more to check a foolish eagerness for display than to reflect that we have to deal with God." John Calvin

"Secular sanctions do not work, Morality needs the divine sanction of a judgment day." Gordon H. Clark

Soli Deo Gloria,