[CF Devotionals] 2020-11-29 - Laws regarding Property Rights

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Exodus Study Continued

  1. Laws regarding Property Rights & Crimes against Humanity

    1. a. Property Rights Issues: i. Accident Liability:
    The first area actually isn‘t all that unfamiliar. The concern is personal responsibility for lack of reasonable care. This section deals with livestock. In Israel, there were ground-level wells which . were normally covered. Apparently, in this case the cover was left off, and an animal was killed in a fall. Or in the case of a pit, it was being dug and was not covered adequately, leading to the same result. The one responsible for leaving the well or pit uncovered would be responsible to pay for the value of the animal. Of course, he ended up with the body, which at least, in the case of the oxen, would provide some food. I don‘t think anyone would want to eat dead donkey. I wonder if this means if a town doesn‘t cover potholes adequately, and your car breaks an axle, if it has to pay you for it and gets to keep the dead auto. ; )

    Anyway, if one man‘s ox kills another‘s, then the live animal will be sold and the money split. The dead one will also be divided between the two parties. Here we again see the concern of responsibility. If the owner knew his animal was vicious and did nothing to restrain it, then the live one was given to the other owner, and he got the dead one. Individuals have to use common sense and are personally responsible for their own actions or lack thereof.

    Can you think of any areas where the issue of personal responsibility versus rights has come up in your own life? Keep in mind the issue of personal rights versus personal responsibility is a major problem in this culture. Next, we will look at some specific examples these Hebrew people would be facing at some point.

Study to be Continued

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