[CF Devotionals] 2020-11-22 - Social Injury Laws

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Exodus Study Continued

  1. All in the Family A. Social Law

    Chapters 21-23 Chapters 21:33-23:9 Chapters 21:33_22:15 Verses 33_36
    Verses 104 Verses 5-6 verses 7-15 Chapters 22:16-23:9
    Verses 16-17 Verses 18-20 Verses 21-27

    1. Laws regarding Property Rights & Crimes against Humanity
      a. Property Rights Issues
      i. Restitution for Accidents
      ii. Restitution for Theft
      iii. Restitution for Crop Damage iv. Restitution for Loss
      b. Crimes against Humanity
      i. Violation of a Virgin
      ii. Violation of God’s Primacy
      iii. Violation of the Helpless

In introducing this section on property rights, Dr. J. Vernon McGee states the following:

“There are those who raise the question today, “What is right and what is wrong?” Some say that what is right and wrong is relative. A college professor, who claims to be an atheist, was discussing this with me. He maintained that right and wrong are relative, that what he would think is right and what I would think is right could be poles apart. Then he asked me, “On what do you base your dogmatic conclusions?” I said, “I base them on the Word of God.” I went on to tell him that my nature was just like his nature, and that I would like to give in in certain places, and I would like to let the bars down here and there, but God has given me a standard to follow. The interesting thing is that God’s standard has produced a society in which there has been a measure of law and justice.” 1 

Introduction: Previously, we focused on two primary aspects of the personal injury laws - the unique value of human life, and the importance of family as the foundation of a society.

I also previously emphasized the importance of taking this entire section within the context of the ancient world rather than judge it by a 21st Century world view. In keeping with this, the most important point, when we come up against practices we may find hard to understand, is to remember our God is loving, merciful, just, and righteous. He does not change just because civilizations do. We can doubt our understanding, but we shouldn’t doubt God.

“For I the LORD do not change” (Malachi 3:6a ESV).

Can you think of any areas where the issue of personal responsibility versus rights has come up in your own life? Keep in mind the issue of personal rights versus personal responsibility is a major problem in this culture. Next, we will look at some specific examples these Hebrew people would be facing at some point.

Study to be Continued

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