[CF Devotionals] 2020-10-25 - Just Who Is Responsible?

Exodus Study Continued

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  1. All in the Family
  1. Social Law
  1. Personal Injury Laws

d. The Penalty Related to Fighting

: These verses deal with brawling. When two men get into a fight, the “winner” is responsible for the lost wages and medical expenses of the “loser.” I suspect this might cut down on the tendency of men to fight. There goes the fight club. God states He wants peace among His people.

Now notice that if no one dies during the fight, then the presumption is there was no intent to kill. If someone died either during the fight or while in bed from the injuries sustained, then the laws regarding killing would apply. If the individual died a few days later, after he was up and around, it would be assumed he got up too soon and so was responsible for his own death. Both parties were seen as having contributed to the altercation, so for the death to be considered other than manslaughter, premeditation would have to be shown.

Study to be Continued

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