[CF Devotionals] 2020-09-13 - God's Perspective

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God’s perspective on individuals is strikingly different. The thrust of scripture is personal responsibility within a community, be it Israel or the community. The verses we will consider reinforce this truth. We need to stand before people while committed to the reality of personal responsibility. They stand before God alone.

Their salvation is dependent on the recognition that they alone are responsible for their own sins. And either they or Christ will pay the price for those sins. They won’t be able to blame others.

Having said all this, we will continue this study on the Social Law given at Sinai. It is important to realize that this section really expands on the moral law, the Ten Commandments, because even though it deals with temporal matters, it is founded on the principles of the Decalogue.

This next section deals with the area of personal injury and personal responsibility. Scripture takes a view on the individual that is not too popular today. According to the Word, individuals are responsible for their own actions. This doesn’t mean recognition isn’t given to environment or upbringing, but the bottom line is we are responsible for our own actions before the Lord.

A society that rejects the reality of personal responsibility is in great trouble, and this is certainly a major problem in our culture. This issue may be one of the underlying concerns that have led to the society becoming so lawsuit crazy.

This section looks at another touchy issue that of capital punishment. As we went into this in some detail in our study of the Sixth Commandment I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it here. When we discussed it previously, we did give one major reason God directed this type of judgment. Do you remember what is the underlying reason for Capital Punishment?

That’s right, the sanctity of all human life.

Exodus Study to be continued.

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