[CF Devotionals] 2020-09-13 - Just Who is Responsible

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Exodus 21:12-32

Back in ’98, I was reading the an issue of the “Nutrition Action Health Letter when I was struck by the brilliant logic of the author of the cover story The Pressure to Eat. The thrust of the article was over the eating patterns, especially fast and convenient foods, and their impact on American’s ever-increasing problem with being gravitationally challenged. Certainly, the concerns were valid and the discussion of marketing strategies as a factor had merit. But the conclusions were very strange. The question asked regarding this national weight problem was:

Q: What’s the answer?
A: I recommend that we develop a militant attitude about the toxic food environment, like we have about tobacco. And that leads to certain actions to change the American diet, to be more healthy.

Q: So even though french fries aren’t as addictive or harmful as cigarettes, in both cases, there’s an industry manipulating us, from a young age, to do something unhealthy?
A: Exactly right. I have asked myself whether Joe Camel is different than Ronald McDonald. One could claim that they both encourage children to adopt habits that could be bad for their health. 1 

“Danger, Danger. I’m from CPS and you’re under arrest for feeding your child a “Jolly Meal.&squo; “Since lack of exercise is proven dangerous, W\we will be rounding you up after class and require you to walk a specific number of miles based on your sex, age, and current weight.’ This is the logic of the group that I refer to as the “food crazies.” The point is they went to eliminate personal responsibility, the right to be an idiot if you want to be. While their concerns have some legitimacy, their solutions are ridiculous.

XIII. All in the Family A. Social Law

    2. Personal Injury Laws
    1. .The penalty for violating the Sixth Commandment
    2. .The penalty for violating the Fifth Commandment
    3. .The penalty for kidnapping
    4. .The penalty related to fighting
    5. .The penalty for slave abuse
    6. .The penalty for injuring a woman bystander
    7. .The penalty for irresponsible actions
Chapters 21-23 Verses 12-32 Verses 12-14 Verses 15, 17 Verse 16 Verses 18-19 Verses 20-21, 26-27 Verses 22-25 Verses 28-32

1. Nutrition Action Health Letter, “The Pressure to Eat,” Volume 25, Number
6. July/August 1998, published by The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC, p. 5.

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