[CF Devotionals] 2019-12-02 - The Awkward Zone

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Colossians 4:1-6

Paul stops his pep talk to the Colossians to ask them for something. He asks them to pray. It's not a selfish prayer, asking for frivolous things to make life more comfortable or convenient. Paul says, "Be sure to pray that God will make a way for us to spread his message and explain the mystery about Christ, even though I am in jail for doing this." (Colossians 4:3 CEV)

I never think to pray this prayer, out of fear of public speaking, safety, or ridicule. Perhaps the Colossians also felt scared to share their faith. For right after his prayer request, Paul tells the people how to be a witness.

  • "Be pleasant and hold their interest when you speak the message. Choose your words carefully and be ready to give answers to anyone who asks questions." (Colossians 4:6 NASB)

    Recently, I had an opportunity to take Paul's advice. I talked with a family member who's regretting past decisions. I could have just listened and agreed with his feelings. Instead, I set fear and judgement aside and told him there is no condemnation when we turn to the Lord. This person didn't ask any questions, but wasn't angry that I mentioned God. Although I fumbled with my words, a seed was planted in his mind, and hopefully it's just the beginning of our conversations about the Lord and living free of regrets.

    It's not enough to know what the Bible says; we have to be able to apply it to present-day life. May the Lord give us the right words and courage when there's an opportunity to talk about Him.

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