[CF Devotionals] 2019-10-22 - What Can We Learn from Tim Tebow?

Modern Saints Series - Part 2
Tim Tebow

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Most of you who read this will remember that Tim Tebow played both college and professional football for several years.He didn't do badly on the field, but what he is most remembered - and still known - for is his Christian faith.

Tebow was mocked by both players and some of the general public, not to mention comedians - for bending his knee to pray on the field before every game. They even invented a new word for that habit, called "Tebow-ing." In common parlance, that means bowing a knee to pray about something.

Little did we know how the mocking of Tim Tebow would be a portent of things to come, for Christians in America during the last decade - from Vice President Pence who has been mocked for his reverence for marriage vows - to everyday folks like us who believe in Biblical values. We would all do well to look to how Tim responds. He doesn't spew hate back at them, nor does he mock them, in return. But he also NOT give in to the bullies; he never bows at the altar of political correctness. With grace, love and respect, he holds firm to his God-given beliefs, as should we all, for several reasons. Christ reminded us of this, and Mark recorded His words:

Mark 8:38 (NIV) "If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”

Tebow is still popular, and he uses that fame for the good of others. As one example, he regularly helps "Special Needs" children, being a good example for us all when it comes to helping the most vulnerable among us. For some of us, those people are crime victims of violent felonies, people in poor countries who are victims of disasters and children who are used and abused by people trying to get across the border. Yes that is a REAL thing, traffickers grabbing children along the route - and even people renting out children so adults can pretend to have children, for easier entry to the country. ICE saves many of these children, and it gives me chills to think of what would happen without their intervention. Please pray for the children, and for justice for all the adults.

Yet even as I write this, there are lawyers of sex criminals suing sheriffs who are trying to protect vulnerable children, via signs placed in yards, that warn children to not Trick-or-Treat in the yards of sex offenders. Children getting injured by evil people on Halloween - this is a real thing, too. Please pray for them. If you had worked with thousands of traumatized molestation victims as I have, you wouldn't hesitate to choose a side in that one. The offenders can fend for themselves, and they make their own choices, while taking away the choices and innocence of molestation victims - who even with counseling are often traumatized for life. It affects them in many ways, rendering them unable to have normal lives that the rest of us take for granted. Be careful about which side you choose, when it comes to helping the vulnerable; pray hard about it first. Things aren't always as simple as some want them to seem.

So I give a shout-out to Tim Tebow for reminding us of the importance of standing firmly to Biblical promises, bringing God's guidance into every part of our everyday lives, as well as looking out for the vulnerable.

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