[CF Devotionals] 2019-10-08 - Somebody Else Will Do It

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When Richard and i were dating, we spent a lot of time doing research papers and readings for our college classes. We would alternately study at his parents' home or my parents' home. One evening, in the midst of our studying, we were suddenly startled by a very loud boom that sounded like a small explosion. Naturally, we wanted to see what had happened, so we walked toward the sound until we came upon a motor vehicle accident in which a car had knocked down an electrical power pole, subsequently cutting off power in the neighborhood. Amazingly, no one was injured, but there were a lot of spectators. We thought about calling the power company, but we both looked at each other and said, "somebody else will do it." My reasoning was that with all those spectators, not to mention the houses right by the power pole, I was confident that someone else had already called Duke Power, and that there was no need to flood their operators with repetitive calls. (This was in the day before the systems were automated.) We walked back to Richard's parents' home, and we resumed our homework. A couple hours went by, yet we still had no power and had to read by flashlight. As more time elapsed, we realized that "Somebody Else" hadn't called the power company, after all - so Richard became "Somebody Else."

Don't we do that in our Christian walk, as well? The call goes out about need, or someone asks us to teach a class, run for an office, lead a collection drive for a good cause, write a letter to the editor with an important point, man the nursery during a church service, serve as a greeter before the service etc. But there are plenty of "somebody elses" A car is broken down in 100-degree heat, but somebody else will call the police for help for them. An elderly person needs a ride to church, but there are plenty of others with cars; somebody else will do it.

Jesus' brother James, leader of the Jerusalem Council spoke to that. As was recorded in James 4:17, he said, "To him, then, knowing to do good, and not doing, sin it is to him." (Young's Literal Translation)

Does this mean we should volunteer for everything, spending so much time doing for others that we neglect our families or our health? Of course not. As the Apostle Paul taught us, we should strive for moderation and balance in all things. But when we hear of a need to be filled, if we are able to fill it, we shouldn't rule that out simply because there are plenty of others who can, and because "Somebody Else" will do it. God just may be intending for you or me to be "Somebody Else."

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