[Calvary Chapel] 2019-10-05 - Following the Instructions

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Genesis 6:22 (NIV)-Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

How often do you buy a new product such as a computer, phone, or television that comes with a long list of instructions? Do you take the time to read the instructions? Or do you plug it in, turn it on, and learn as you go? Do you then end up going back to the instructions, anyway? Isn’t it easier to follow the instructions step-by-step, and do things right the first time?

In Genesis, we find the story of Noah. God was displeased with the corruption and violence on earth. God planned to wipe out the humans and animals from the earth with the exception of Noah and his family. Noah had found favor with God. Noah received specific instructions from God on how to build the ark that would provide safety for its inhabitants.

Twice in Genesis we find the passage which says that Noah did what God had told him to do. First, God instructed Noah to construct an ark and fill it with animals. After Noah had finished this huge project, God then commanded Noah to take his family inside the ark. Both times, Noah followed God’s instructions. Noah, his family, and the animals were saved.

How often do we follow God’s instructions? How often do we skip steps in following God’s commands? Do we try to do it on our own? God has sent us an instruction manual - the Bible. We have pastors, teachers, and fellow believers to help us understand it, and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. The question is: Will we follow the instructions?

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