[CF Devotionals] 2019-07-22 - How Are You?

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"How are you?" We may be asked this question several times a day, by strangers to acquaintances. Our answer can be as real or impersonal as we want. Many times, I admit to answering based on my feelings instead of responding by faith.

I usually answer, "Fine" or "Okay, and you?" If I truly lived out what the Bible says, my response would be very bold and possibly encouraging. Sadly, I haven't been brave enough.

When a store clerk or a long lost friend asks how you've been, how do you respond?

Psalm 119 gives us many cheery deliveries.
-I'm blessed following God's directions. (Verse 1)
-I'm happy following after the Lord. (Verse 2)
-I'm trusting and worshiping the Lord. (Verse 38)
-I am trusting in God's promises. (Verse 42)
-I'm strengthened in my troubles by God's promises. They "refresh and revive me!" (Verse 50 CEV) -I've found comfort in the Bible. (Verses 52, 54-56)
-I am overflowing with God's blessings. (Verse 65)
-God has restored my joy and health. (Verse 93)
-I am hopeful. The Lord is "my refuge and my shield." (Verse 114 TLB)
-I "have great peace of heart and mind and do not stumble." I love God's law. (Verse 165 TLB)

Lord, Help me be brave and not ashamed to tell others the difference You make. Give me some one-liners to plant a seed in someone else's life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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All scripture references are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.

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