PC-USA 2018-12-04 - Blotted Out

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For those of us who enjoy the holidays, there are varying aspects - Christmas music, special church services, time spent with family and friends, amazing light spectacles and more. All these can be meaningful, but the bottom line is “the reason for the season,” and that is the fact that Christ became a human being like us, so he could take all our sins upon Himself, and blot them out of our eternal future.

At our church, we have an amazing electronic piano, which has the capability of sounding like an organ, changing keys with two simple button pushes (much easier than trying to do it in your head and keep it all straight) and more. But one of our keys has gone rogue. When you play it during a song, it makes a sound about 10 times as loud as the other notes. It is quite discordant, and offensive to the ears. When you are playing several notes simultaneously in a chord, it is hard to separate one out and not play it. So for every song that I am playing in the near future, I have printed copies of the music, and blotted them out with a Sharpie ©. It works effectively, in preventing me from playing the notes, but the blots are forever in front of me.

In contrast, because of the “First Christmas,” our own sins are not in our face constantly. Now, like the thief on the cross, who was forgiven but was still was put to death, we may necessarily pay for our sins in Earthly terms - in order to effect justice. However, in eternal terms, Christ has marked us “paid in full.” He has blotted out our sins, and they will no longer be a barrier between ourselves and God.

As the prophet Isaiah wrote in 43:25 (NIV)

I, even I, am he who blots out
  your transgressions, for my own sake,
  and remembers your sins no more.

When God looks at us, he won’t see our sinful selves; He will see us dressed in righteousness that was bought for us by Christ’s sacrifice.

The manger leads to the cross, and it is all because of God’s love for us, so that we can spend eternity with Him.

[email jan] Janice P. Moser


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