[CF Devotionals] 2018-11-16 - Handling Pink Elephants

Part 2 ~ Individually
Originally Published 2010-11-19

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First, it should be important to each of us as individuals. Your own spiritual health should be important to you - and how you handle temptation determines your spiritual health. Just as how you handle your diet is a vital part of your physical health. We need to learn to put every thought into captivity because a lot starts out as a little. If you give Satan an inch, he'll become the ruler.

There's this thing I've been working on for awhile now, but have never used, about sin's deadly spiral; it's the five D's of sin. I'll share those five words with you in this devotional, and show how not nipping our temptations in the bud draws us in. First, there is doubt - as you keep trying to not think about it, you begin to wonder if thinking about it might be okay, as long as you don't act on it. That leads to deception - now that you're thinking about it, you begin to wonder if it really is wrong. Right on its heels comes desire - that's when you really think about it. Once you reach that point in your mental state, you make a decision - finally you may think to yourself, "forget it, I'm not going to get this out of my head-" or maybe “heck, I've already sinned in my heart, so what difference does it make now?" And it all ends in death - this is where all sin leads, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but each sin kills us a little. It destroys our relationship with God, who is the source of life. No, it may not be total death; it could be a death or numbing of your senses, but that's where the spiral action gets you - and complete, total death is not very far away.

Every time I tried to paraphrase this story, I messed it up so I just want to share it with you, word for word as I found it …

Sammy's Big Catch
Author Unknown

Sammy was a good-looking young boy who lived in the Deep South. His summer days were filled with times of walking through the woods, playing with friends, and fishing in the pond down the dirt road Fishing was by far his favorite thing to do. Just about every day during his summer vacation, he would dig up some worms and head off, pole in hand, for a day of fishing.

This steamy, hot day was like most others during Sammy's summer break. Waking early, he could hear the pond calling him to come fish. Sammy quietly walked out the front door, grabbed his pitchfork and worm pail from the porch, and walked into the woods, to search for bait. He turned over old stumps and dug under leaves, hoping to find worms. Under one old stump, he hit the jackpot. The ground was writhing. In two minutes, he had all the bait he needed, and in 15 minutes, he was at the pond.

Reaching into his bait bucket, Sammy pulled out a big worm. He double-hooked it and tossed it into the water. He noticed a stinging in his hand, but filled with the excitement of the moment, he paid no attention to it. Within 30 seconds, Sammy had a strike, and pulled in a nice catfish. Wow, he thought, a fish in the first minute. This is unbelievable!

He put the catch on his stringer, hurried to re-bait his hook, and tried his luck again. Once again, he felt a stinging sensation in his hand, as he threw his hook into the pond. He didn't have time to worry about it. Within just a few seconds, he had another huge fish. He fumbled the next time he baited his hook; his hand felt numb and stiff. But Sammy was too excited about catching another fish, to give it much thought.

At the end of only an hour of fishing, Sammy had caught eight large fish. This was definitely his best fishing day ever. He was so proud of his accomplishment that, even though there was plenty of day left to fish, he threw the heavy stringer of fish over his shoulder and dashed down the dirt road toward home, to show off his catch to his mom and dad.

The local sheriff happened to drive up alongside Sammy, and started to congratulate him on his catch of fish. With a smile and a victory whoop, Sammy held up the stringer. The sheriff gasped, parked his car and strode over to Sammy.

His eyes hadn't deceived him--Sammy's arms really were red and swollen to about twice their normal size. Exactly where have you been, and what bait did you use, to catch all those fish?" the sheriff asked Sammy, already guessing the answer. "I found some great bait under an old stump," Sammy boasted. "These worms really wiggle good," he commented, holding up the bait bucket for inspection. After a close look at the worms, the sheriff went into fast-forward. Securing the bucket in his truck, he then scooped Sammy and his stringer of fish into the back seat of his patrol car. Spinning a U-turn on the gravel road, he sped off to the hospital, but Sammy was already dead.

Playing around with sin is like using baby rattlesnakes for bait. Sinning seems harmless to people who don't recognize sin, and are unaware of its deadly consequences. The more sin you get into, however, the number you become to its sting. In the excitement of the moment, you ignore the still small voice of God that is warning you of danger and encouraging you to choose life instead of death.

Next time, we'll examine why we ought to nip temptation in the bud, collectively.

Until then …


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All scripture references from KJV (King James Version) unless otherwise noted

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