[CF Devotionals] 2018-11-04 - Exodus ~ God's Instructions

The Institution of Passover ~ Part 3

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  1. God’s Instructions: I want to start by recapping the first eleven verses and their context. First the Lord again spoke to Moses. The time was just prior to the arrival of the last plague, the Death of the Firstborn. Moses was given instructions for preparing the Hebrew people, so death would not fall on their houses. Through the sacrifice of a lamb, the shedding and applying of its blood to their homes, the death that was to come would pass over them. As we have seen, this is a picture of the work of Christ - for with the shedding of His blood for us, and our applying it to ourselves, the second death passes over us.

    The importance of this new ritual was so great, that the month in which the Lord freed Israel from Egypt became the first month of the religious year for the nation. This was the true birth of Israel as a nation.

    The other point to remember is Passover was for the families within the nation. It was something shared on the family level. I sometimes wonder how much do we do that is family-oriented. Sure, there is Christmas and Easter, but the focus of Christmas is frequently the gifts and the tree. Even if the family goes to church, this is more a corporate thing instead of a family thing.

    This, to a great extent, is true of Easter, as well. Maybe we need to think, especially where children are involved, where we can have a time of worship and celebration of the Lord, just for the family.

Exodus study to be continued.

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