[CF Devotionals] 2018-10-14 - Exodus ~ The Order of Service

The Hebrew Christian Passover

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The order of the service is basically the same as we saw previously, except it concludes with a communion service. By the way, just as the service varies somewhat in each Jewish home, the Hebrew Christian service is not fixed, but can vary, so what I will share is only one approach.

The service opens with the woman of the house lighting the candles and offering the blessing.

The first cup is filled and Kiddush is spoken. The cup is drunk, and then comes the first washing.

Next comes the ceremony of carpas, that is the dipping of the parsley in the salted water, and the blessing is stated. Then the middle mazzah is broken.

The second cup is filled and the four questions are asked. This part of the Seder is no different than in the traditional Jewish home. It is here that the story of the Exodus is told, as well as for the children, the telling of the four sons. The responsive readings occur, the reading or singing of Dayenu “It would have been sufficient.” Here there are some verses added, though. And then the shank bone is shown, the basis of God’s salvation - first from the death of the firstborn - and then from the 2nd death.

The service continues with the explanation of the meanings behind the different elements of the plate. Then the second cup, the Cup of Plagues, is blessed and drunk.

It is at this point, the meal is served and completed, before going on to the second part of the service.

After dinner is completed, comes the finding of the middle mazzah, which is then shared among those present. This element is that which causes the most confusion among the Jewish celebrants. The meaning has been explained, but most unsatisfactorily. That is because is speaks so clearly of the Lord and His sacrifice.

Next, the third cup is filled, and the appropriate blessing is stated. The third cup is the cup of redemption. It speaks of the hope of the restoration of the city of Jerusalem and the coming of Messiah to establish His kingdom. The cup is blessed and drunk.

The fourth cup is filled. This is the cup of praise, and included are a number of responsive readings. With the conclusion of the readings, the cup is blessed and drunk. Songs are now sung, rounds are read, and the company continues to recognize the blessings that God has provided.

Now occurs the other major difference in the Seder for the believer, the first being the focus on Christ, the second being the celebration of Communion. When this is done, even though the Haggadah doesn’t call for it, I feel it is important to remind ourselves of the taking of

Communion worthily, and if there are unbelievers in the company, giving them the opportunity to come to the Lord.

After Communion, the service ends with the traditional prayer for the restoration of Jerusalem, and the hope that the Seder will next be celebrated in that city.

Exodus study, to be continued.

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