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Richard and I follow the San Francisco Giants for several reasons, including the fact that several of them hail from our hometown area. Our team’s Manager is the talented Bruce Bochy. During a baseball game, the Manager is responsible for all decisions made by his team. For the Giants, Bochy will listen respectfully to the players’ opinions on the next move, but the Manager always has the final say. For example, a pitcher may feel that he isn’t ready to leave a game, and he my plead his case with the Manager. But ultimately, the manager is the boss.

If you are a youth, of course, your parent(s) are your boss(es). If you are an adult, who is the boss of your life? Is it you? Your friends whom you don’t want to upset, your parents who won’t let you have your independence, your workplace boss? Is it an aspect of your personality - your greed, your fears, your hopes?

The person or thing that is our boss will determine our behavior. For the Christian, there should be no hesitation in answering that question. Our answer should be auto-filled as “God.” Every day, we should ask God to help us to obey HIS will, and to be HIS ambassador. It’s a big responsibility - and sometimes a frightening one - but it is ours, if we are to submit to Him as our Boss.

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