[Calvary Chapel] 2018-07-12 - The Parable of the Talents

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Matthew 25:14-29

From the footnotes of The Amplified Bible (AMP) Matthew 25:15 A talent was a measurement of weight, usually 58-80 pounds. One talent of silver was worth more than 15 years' wages. One talent of gold was worth even more.

Many of us know the story of the man who was going on a trip who left varying amounts of currency with three of his servants. When the man returned two servants gave the man back his money with additional money they had earned with the talents he had given then. The man was very pleased. One servant was fearful and simply returned the talent he had been given. The man was very unhappy with this servant and punished him. Please click on the link above to read the parable.

What if we change the talents measuring the weight of silver in the parable to talents we have been given by God? Some of us have a natural ability with math and numbers, other are gifted with listening, still others are good with mechanical things, others with music, etc.

The one servant who did not return the man's talent with a gain was fearful. He was afraid to lose the one talent he had been given. Billy Sunday, Billy Graham and Martin Luther King all were gifted speakers. Billy Graham and Billy Sunday both traveled a lot. They lost time with their families, had to deal with many difficult situation to fill their call, their talent, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. King lived under death threats as he traveled. None of these men feared to develop and use their talents. Because of that they were able to impact vast numbers of people's lives giving people hope for now and for eternity.

So what about us? Where do our talents lay?

If you're someone who is good with taxes or budgets, this might be your call. If you have a passion for music, maybe writing and performing, music can have a powerful impact on people's lives. If you can help repair someone's car who can not afford to get it fixed but needs that car to get to work - you will have done a good deed that person will never forget. Comforting others, hospitality, patience, and more.

Touching people's lives can open doors to share God's love with them. Then again, you might be one person in the process of opening that door. It may be someone who meet on a bus and will never see again. It may be a friend or a family member. They may take what you have done for them and share it with others - who can share it with still more people, and so on.

Do the things you do with your talents have to be huge? No. You might quietly impact the lives here and there over years. If you meet them in Heaven it will be a joyful reunion.


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All verses are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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