PC-USA 2018-07-10 - Shaking Things Up

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Richard and I have been doing brain exercises, which activate neural pathways that we don’t normally use. Some of the exercises involve shaking up our routines. For example, we are to move everyday use items from their normal places, so that we have to think a little bit before automatically grabbing them. You might be surprised at how habitual these things have become; I have found myself unthinkingly moving them back, and then being surprised by it. In addition, when we eat, are are being intentional about smelling and noticing texture, instead of simply enjoying the taste. These types of exercises promote brain health. As most of us have probably heard at one time or another, we humans use only a small percentage of our brains. Those of us who are middle-aged are often thinking about how to keep our mental processes as healthy as possible.

We Christians should be doing the same for our spiritual lives. Sometimes, our spiritual habits can become rote for us. A couple ideas would be changing the time that we do our daily Bible reading, using a different Bible version, reversing the order of prayer vs. Bible study, reading a book by a Christian author whom we have never read or using a resource from a different denomination.

If you do this, I would love to hear of your experiences.

[email jan] Janice P. Moser


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