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But I Said I was Sorry - Introduction

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    Exodus 9:13-35

    Every time we turn around, it seems as if justice is being prevented. Or then again, maybe the problem is even more basic. There is generally no justice in this society. As I’ve said previously, it is as if society has become one gigantic Oprah Winfrey audience.

    Justice isn’t based on law. Justice isn’t based on accountability. Justice is based on feelings. Consider the case of Polly Klass. When her killer was sentenced, he “flipped off” the media, and therefore by proxy the public. The outrage was “outrageous.” How dare he. He should have said he was sorry. It seems that the greater crime was his arrogance, not his killing Polly.

    And then there is the case of the “au pair” killer. The judge found her guilty of manslaughter, but she is young, in over her head, used bad judgment. So she should be punished for her crime? No!

    The question isn’t if someone is guilty of a crime or not. The only question is, is the person is sorry. And if they are, they should be able to avoid the consequences of their actions. This then seems to be the standard of “justice” today.

    The crime is getting caught, not the sin one commits. If a child says “I’m sorry," they believe they should not experience consequences. We all know someone who is stating they are sorry all the time. And then … off they go, and do the same thing again.

    Repentance isn’t about saying "I’m sorry.” Yes, being sorry is the first step of repentance. It is the acknowledgement that one has done something wrong. But … repentance is changing one’s behavior, not trying to avoid consequences. True repentance often means accepting and experiencing consequences.

    Next, we will see Pharaoh, admitting for the first time, that he had sinned. But his “repentance,” like much of today’s, was simply a pragmatic statement intended to stop the consequences of his actions. It was not a true statement of repentance.

    1. Moses and the Works of God
      1. The Plague of Hail Ch. 9:13-35

    Exodus study to be continued.

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