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I recently heard about a church that is embarking upon a cleanup of the mold in the century-old building. This isn’t a surprise. It is dry air that prevents mold, and any building that is only air conditioned for a couple hours a week, is going to be full of mold spores. The same goes for restaurants that turn off the AC “to save energy” at night. That is why health inspections often find mold on drink dispensers in the warmer months.

For some of us, it is more than just a matter of convenience, smell or aesthetics. For some of us, it is a health issue. For those who are severely allergic (like myself) and for asthmatics, mold allergies can be even more severe than with pollen. Mold removal isn’t an easy process. You can clean surface mildew with bleach-based products. But if you leave even a microscopic amount, it will regrow.You cannot simply cover the evil. (See Mark 2.) In addition, that is only surface leaning. For once the mold spreads into carpets and walls and floors, the only way to effectively remove it, is to CUT it out.

That is just like with our sinful behavior and attitudes. We can pretend that we are doing better, convincing others and maybe even ourselves. We can stop saying things we shouldn’t or be polite around those who have caused us untold trouble. An alcoholic might go from drinking daily to “social drinking.” A liar might cut back some, but then justify some lies for “the common good.”

But to effect lasting change, it takes the surgical knife of our Heavenly Father, to remove the evil tendencies of our heart, to restore our spiritual health, just as mold removal restores the physical health of "sick" buildings. But being literal for a moment, if you do remove something as serious as asbestos, please let the professionals do it. Some FAA buildings were terminally ill, and they had to relocate the controllers while they cleaned the building.

It would behoove us to regularly pray Psalm 51:10 to God:

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
  And renew a steadfast spirit within me. (NASB)

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