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Moses & Pharaoh

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  1. Moses & Pharaoh

    The First Time - This would make a great movie. Actually, I think its been done, but picture the scene. Here is Moses, the son of the princess of Egypt - but probably no longer looking the part, as well as his brother Aaron - a Hebrew slave - standing in the great throne room before the Pharaoh.

    Moses and Aaron came to the King with God’s message. The first was not a demand for the freedom from slavery. It was simply a request to go into the wilderness, in order to offer a sacrifice to the Lord, a request for the freedom of worship. Remember, the Lord told Moses what Pharaoh’s reaction would be. Pharaoh said “Who is this God, anyway? I don’t know Him. He has no authority in Egypt. Forget it, Moses.”

    Aaron expanded on their words to the King. He told Pharaoh the God of the Hebrews had met with them and instructed the people to go into the wilderness, a three day march, to offer up a sacrifice. Aaron adds something we have not heard before. If the people didn’t sacrifice, they were in danger of God’s judgment. Keep in mind, there as no priesthood in Israel—yet.

    Parenthetically, remember, Christians are all members of the priesthood of believers

    “… you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:5 ESV).

    Consequently, we are also called to the sacrifice of praise and worship. If we fail to fulfill that privilege, that duty, we too suffer, for we lose the joy that is available to us as believers. Too often, we go to the Father only when we are in need. We miss all that comes from a time with God, a time spent simply in recognition of who He is and how much He has already done for us by providing our salvation. We also often forget the responsibility of intercessory prayer for others, because we are so caught up with self concern.

    What are some of the ways you have exercised your priestly role?

    Meanwhile, Pharaoh was getting fed up with the whole subject, so he changed it. He accused the two of interfering with his slaves' work, which they were. Apparently, Moses and Aaron had held a number of meetings with the people to tell them God’s words. Pharaoh used this to justify his next decision.,

Exodus study to be continued.

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