[CF Devotionals] 2017-11-17 - Jesus, Fried Chicken and You

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Prisoners get a last meal, so tell me three things you would have to have in your last meal.

Think about your favorite foods for a moment, and decide on your ultimate meal. See if you can come up with 3 great items for your meal.

For me, it is buttermilk fried chicken, a good homemade mac & cheese, and limoncello bread pudding.

Food is good, whether it’s the food we talked about, or the food we ate today.

The Bible is full of stories that involve food. Think of a couple.

Today is about Jesus, fried chicken, and you. You will be the subject of this devotional, fried chicken and Jesus will be the object of it, and we’ll start with food.

You can share food.

I remember when dating my wife, she ate veggies but not much meat, and I ate meat but not many vegetables. We would swap plates after we each ate what we like.

You can share food.

Sharing food is pretty easy. It’s fun – it’s satisfying. Whether it's sharing with a friend just to enjoy company, or it's sharing to meet a need.

If you see someone who doesn’t look like they’ve eaten, offer them some of your food.

Do it kindly and lovingly, not in a way that shows you feel sorry for them.

I’m just a poor boy from a poor family. I can’t spare others from this monstrosity, but I can share food with them and help them a little.

And more importantly than physical food, I can share spiritual food.

I can share faith, and you can share your faith, too.

We have a tendency to complicate it but telling someone about Jesus is a lot like telling someone about your favorite foods.

Share what you know. Share what you like.

Let me share with you a story that has to do with food and faith. Jesus shared both with his closest followers.

Matthew 26:26-29

In the middle of eating with his disciples, Jesus took the bread and shared it with them. He shared food.

He shares a drink with them, too, and then notice what he does: He shares the faith with them.

You see this bread – yeah it’s my body, because I’m going to die for you.

You see this drink – yeah it’s my blood, which I’m shedding for you.

I’m dying for you, so your sins can be forgiven.

And oh yeah, one day we’ll have a big meal together again, in God’s kingdom.

He did this the night before it all happened. He left this dinner and went to Gethsemane,where he was arrested - which led to his trial and crucifixion.

He shared food and faith with his closest friends, and you should ,too.

The heart can’t hear the gospel over the rumbling of stomachs. So feed them, but take care of what matters most, too.

So this simple act was remembered by the disciples and they made it a common practice as we see in this next passage.

Matthew 26:26-29

From this passage, I want to give you four things to help you share your faith.

As you share your food and faith. Here’s a few things you must do as spelled out in this scripture.

You must remember as the passage commands, "Do this in remembrance."

Remember – remember who Jesus is. Remember what he did.

Jesus is God who became man to dies for our sins.

You must retell because in doing even this simple act, the passage says "you proclaim" the gospel.

Retell it – when communion is done it is a retelling of the basic truths of our faith.

Paul says when you do it you proclaim the gospel truth in your words and actions.

You must repent because the passage speaks of taking it in an "unworthy manner" and warns them to "examine themselves".

Repent. Look at the warning in verse 27-29. Don’t take this light hearted: Repent.

Each of you will likely take soap or hand sanitizer to clean your hands before you eat a meal. Just as we want clean hands to eat food, we need clean hearts as we share in this special occasion.

The Lord’s supper represents our faith – it is a confession of our faith, so if you are in a church when they serve Communion, but you are not a follower of Jesus, you need to respectfully decline to participate. No one will mock you, but respect it enough to just say no.

Examine your life and see if there’s some disinfecting and cleaning you need to do.

Lastly, you must repeat. Paul writes, "As often as you do this."

That doesn’t dictate that we do it everyday, or even every month, but it does imply that it is done more than once.

So are you worthy? If not, make your heart worthy.

All it takes is asking Jesus to be your Lord, and choosing to follow him. That will change your life, if you let it.

If you’re surrendered, but you have stumbled lately, make it right. Wash your hands, spiritually speaking, and be restored to righteousness and cleanliness.

Go share a sandwich and drink with a friend who needs to hear the gospels. Make it a grape jelly sandwich, and have communion of sorts with them, and share Jesus. Give the bread of life to others.


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All scripture references are from the KJV unless otherwise noted.

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