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Moses' Third Concern: God's Signs ~ The First Sign

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The First Sign: I think it is not stretching the point, to think there was a specific illustration behind each of the signs. The first, a shepherd’s staff, can be seen as a sign of Moses’ responsibility to lead the people. We will often see him use his staff in this role. The Lord wants the people to see Moses as the one behind whom they are to walk, the one through whom “I AM“ will speak.

The fact the staff becomes a serpent is generally construed to represent God’s power over evil in general, and defeat for Pharaoh specifically. How this should be understood specifically is open to many interpretations. C. H. Mackintosh’s comments seem especially apropos. Keep in mind that this may better be seen as an application rather than an interpretation.

“The rod became a serpent, so that Moses fled from it; but, being commissioned by Jehovah, he took the serpent by the tail, and it became a rod. Nothing could more aptly express the idea of Satan’s power being turned against himself. This is largely exemplified in the ways of God. Moses himself was a striking example. The serpent is entirely under the hand of Christ: and when he has reached the highest point in his mad career, he shall be hurled into the lake of fire, there to reap the fruits of his work throughout eternity’s countless ages. “That old serpent, the accuser, and the adversary,” shall be eternally crushed beneath the rod of God’s Anointed.

Then the end&ndsh;beneath His rod, Man’s last enemy shall fall; Hallelujah! Christ in God, God in Christ, is all in all.” 2

We need to consider who is the one who should be carrying the staff in our lives. Are we to be sheep who are on our own, with no one to lead us but ourselves, or are we to let “The Good Shepherd“ lead us? (See Psalm 23) And we, unlike the Hebrew children, have a shepherd who will be there to lead us, always.

“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20b).

Exodus Study to be continued.

  1. Mackintosh, C.H., Notes on the Pentateuch - Genesis to Deuteronomy, Loizuaux Brothers, Neptune, NJ, 1972, p. 159-160.

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