[CF Devotionals] 2017-06-30 - Thursdays

Originally Published 2012-11-09

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Some people hate Mondays. But for me and my family we dread the Thursdays. With school, work, and church, and my tendency to stand around and talk afterwards, Wednesdays are long days for all of us. # days of hard work and then a long day means Thursdays usually find my family being cranky with one another. We all recognize the tendency; my wife and I definitely notice the trend with the boys and with one another. We feel doomed by Thursdays. If Heaven has a work week I think it will be three days so that Thursday can become a Saturday. If I got to choose the Sabbath day of rest, Thursday for sure would need to be the day. But I'm not God, so Thursdays are not the Sabbath.

But God is still the God of Thursdays and so for the last week or so we have prayed that God would give us better Thursdays. I wish I could say today has been a dream. The kids had some issues with being a little whiny but it was better. I can't help but think that God helped out. I know he helped me today anyway.

With only three hours of sleep Wednesday night, Thursday should have been rough for me but despite meetings, office politics, miscommunications, and problems at home with the boys. I stayed calm. I am beginning to understand why God made Thursdays. He wants me to be patient and he wants me to be loving and kind even when I don't feel like it. He wants me to be his image in this world so that he is glorified and so he gives me one chance after another, one Thursday after another, to improve on those things.

James 1:2-4 (AMP)
  1. Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.
  2. Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience.
  3. But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.

Thank you God for Thursdays! Thank you for chances to grow closer to being an image of you. Don't help me with Thursdays for my sake or for my family's sake but for yours so that this flesh may be a better reflection of the awesome unseen God that you are.


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All scripture references from KJV (King James Version) unless otherwise noted

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