[CF Devotionals] 2017-06-17 - Listening to Jesus

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Luke 19:48 "All the people hung on his words."

Have you ever been to hear a motivational speaker? Maybe you have attended a work conference where there was a keynote speaker that you were anxious to hear. Or perhaps there was a noted evangelist that you wanted to listen to.

In Chapter 19 of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Along the way, Jesus encountered crowds of people wanting to see him and hear him speak. Zacchaeus, the tax collector, even climbed up into a tree to, in order to see Jesus. Crowds lined the streets and loudly praised Jesus. The chief priests, on the other hand, looked to kill Jesus. But Luke says, "Yet they could not find any way to do it, because all the people hung on his words." (Luke 19:48)

The people wanted to hear Jesus. They "hung on his words." Today, Jesus' message is just a powerful as it was nearly two thousand years ago. That message hasn't changed over the many years. God loves us and wants us to accept His love as shown in Jesus, who died for our sins. Are you listening for His call to you? Will you accept His invitation to follow Him?

[email richard] Richard Moser, Jr

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