[PC-USA] 2017-05-16 - Rorschach Tests

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All students who have taken college Psychology classes are familiar with Rorschach Tests, and I recently experienced something that was a Rorschach Test, in essence. A few weeks ago, a tornado - which thankfully damaged only property - was beautifully photographed by the CCTV at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. When I first looked at the picture, it was like a Rorschach test for me, because all I noticed was the black part of the picture. My eyes and brain kept trying to turn the big black blobs into tornadoes, but it turned out that the black matter was just dark sky surrounding the tornado, which was white and in the center of the photo. I totally missed the beautiful but dangerous weather phenomena, because I was focused on the black clouds around it.

Don't we do that in our everyday lives, as well? We get so focused on distractions around us, such as problems or minor annoyances, that we lose focus on God's purpose for us, our everyday work. Every moment of our day is important to God, but He does want our focus to remain in good perspective. We have to attend to minor details, but we do not have to obsess about peripheral issues.

Isaiah 26:3 (MSG) People with their minds set on you,   You keep completely whole,   Steady on their feet,   because they keep at it and don’t quit.

I encourage you to join me in asking God to direct our focus.

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