[CF Devotionals] 2017-01-15 - 2 Thessalonians Study

Letters to a Young Church ~ Get a Job ~ Introduction

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And that is part of the concern Paul expressed to the Thessalonians in the last part of this letter. Now I’m sure you remember that Paul had been greatly pleased with these young believers, because they were showing an ever-increasing growth in the area of faith and agapé. They were proof of God’s working, for He provided them with the needed strength to stand up to the persecutions and trials they had been facing.

On the other hand, the Thessalonians had a tendency to be pulled this way and that, by unclear teaching and a willingness to believe what they were told, as long as they could be convinced that the erroneous teaching originated in Paul.

In this situation, the problem related to their understanding of the Day of the Lord. They thought their suffering was a result of being in the Tribulation, instead of being removed as they believed they would be. They confused tribulation, necessary to growth, with the Great Tribulation, which has nothing to do with the church. And so Paul pointed out why it was impossible that the Day of the Lord had arrived.

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