[CF Devotionals] 2016-12-12 - Wind, Wind Go Away

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and the boat was already a considerable distance from land, buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it. (Matthew 14:24)

It may be a given that God controls the wind. (See Exodus 10:13-14, 18-20, Jonah 1:4-16, 4:8-11, Psalm 107:25, and Proverbs 30:4), but did you know God uses the wind to get our attention?

In Matthew 14 when adverse weather battered the disciples’ boat, Jesus was still on land, praying. This wasn’t the first storm the disciples encountered during Jesus’ time on Earth. Matthew 8:23-27 accounts for a time when all the men were in a boat. The 12 asked Him to save them from the heavy waves. Jesus rebuked the sea and the wind and all was calm. Jesus did as His followers asked.

God has used the wind as a tool to affect people’s lives. For example, in Exodus 14:21-22, the Lord drove back the Red Sea via the wind so the Israelites could walk through it safely and have victory over their enemies.

What is the ‘wind’ in your life that the Lord is using to improve or sharpen your relationship with Him? It may not be an actual windy day, but it could be a rough patch or a situation you find yourself in.

Lord, Is there a way for me to embrace future storms? I know they are beneficial, but it’s hard not to dread them. Knowing Your objective is not to harm me, but to encourage me allows me to have peace knowing You are in control.

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