[CF Devotionals] 2016-11-13 - 1 Thessalonians Study

Letters to a Young Church ~ The Praise for Excellence

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Paul wrote to the Thessalonians as believers, and his praises, concerns, and instructions are grounded in the reality of their relationship with God. Because of his salutation, he informed them that his words carried the weight of divine authority.

Before Paul can get to the main point of his letter, he feels the need, the duty, to thank God for these believers. The specific reasons for his thankfulness are first, the increasing faith they have demonstrated. And hand-in-hand with the increased faith was an increase in the depth of the relationships within the community of believers, the increase in agapé.

Paul was like a proud father, bubbling over with joy and excitement at the spiritual growth of God’s children in this body. And like the exuberant father, he boasts to some of the other churches about the qualities found within the Thessalonian church. He probably whipped out pictures, as well. He reassured them that his words were sincere, for they may have felt unworthy, due to concerns expressed in his last letter.

Study to be continued.

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