[CF Devotionals] 2016-08-29 - Hit the Road

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My dread of learning to drive overshadowed the freedom I would gain with my own driver’s license. It was a little intimidating, sitting in the front seat of an automobile. It felt more like a canoe then a four-door car. I didn’t want to be stuck with my parents as my chauffeur, nor could I afford one on my own, so there was no way around it–I’d have to learn to drive.

"Anxiety weighs down the heart," according to Proverbs 12:25. This rang true every time I sat in the drivers' seat. At each practice session I was nervous. Once it was time to take my driving test, I was more comfortable on the road and less nervous. My automobile still seemed like a long boat, but I had learned how to steer it, and I passed my driving test!

Whether we are the ones new to driving, or parents watching our children grow and mature, we can be confident knowing "the Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him." (Nahum 1:7)

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