[CF Devotionals] 2016-04-04 - What Would Cain Say?

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Genesis 4:1-18

Why are you angry?” the Lord asked him. “Why is your face so dark with rage? It can be bright with joy if you will do what you should! But if you refuse to obey, watch out. Sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you. But you can conquer it!” (Genesis 4:6-7 TLB)

I didn't do well in God's eyes. You'd think God would have been grateful I made Him an offering. At least I did something for God. What a waste, to give my best to an invisible God. He knew we need the vegetables on Earth.

My brother Abel offered his best, and God accepted his offering. God wondered why I was dejected and disappointed. What did I expect, when I show such little regard for my maker?

I talked to Abel about it. Maybe that would calm me down, I thought. It didn't, it only got me more mad, raged. I should have talked to God or my parents, instead. I killed my only brother, my former friend. It was wrong, and my actions didn't make things better - only worse. God sent me away from my parents. I did find a wife and had a son, but I often wonder what life would have been like, if I'd only obeyed.

Please learn from my mistakes. May you not take the easy way out, like I did. It only leads to a more narrow path.

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